Nestled in the heart of Bondi, Tottis emerges as a captivating culinary oasis, seamlessly blending chic ambiance with earthy allure. Boasting a welcoming staff, charming decor, and an indoor-outdoor setting, this restaurant unequivocally merits a coveted spot on your gastronomic itinerary for Sydney.Tottis' main dish is its renowned Wood-Fired Bread, meticulously crafted within the cozy confines of a quaint pizza oven nestled into the restaurant's walls. Each bite promises a symphony of flavors. Enhancing this culinary centerpiece are an array of exquisite antipasti selections. Personal favorites include the tangy pickled zucchini with mint and lemon, the vibrant medley of fresh tomatoes and basil, the indulgently creamy burrata, and the refreshing crispness of cucumbers elegantly paired with stracciatella. While these antipasti offerings provide a fulfilling late lunch experience, regrettably limiting further exploration of the menu, our attentive waiter graciously highlighted Tottis' standout entrees. Among the most celebrated selections are the Bucatini, Vongole & Bottarga, the half-smoked chicken, the sumptuous 250g Wagyu Rump schnitzel, and the refreshing baby cos lettuce adorned with green goddess dressing. While walk-ins are accommodated, reserving a table in advance, particularly for the coveted outdoor dining area, is advisable.

Recommended Dishes:

Wood-Fired Bread


Zucchini, Mint, Lemon

Cucumber, Stracciatella, Dill




Tee Scale Rating: 8.89/10 


Nestled within a warehouse with a French colonial interior, Mr. Wong offers a modern Cantonese dining experience unlike any other. The bustling atmosphere, characterized by closely set tables, fosters an energetic and vibrant environment. Renowned for their expertly crafted dumplings and iconic Deep Fried Ice Cream, Mr. Wong's food incites an eclectic fusion of flavors. To fully explore the culinary offerings, I recommend indulging in a medley of both pan-fried and steamed dumplings, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of the diverse flavor profiles. During lunch service, guests have the flexibility to select from an à la carte dumpling menu, while dinner presents a curated selection of six chef's chosen flavors, available in either steamed or pan-fried variations. Rest assured, dietary preferences and restrictions are accommodated with prior notice to your waiter. Given the restaurant's popularity, make sure to book in advance.

Recommended Dishes:   

Baby Spinach Dumplings 

Wild Mushroom Dumplings 

Pan Fried Chicken and Chive Dumplings 

Vegetarian Salad with Cucumber, Fennel, Wakame, Celery, Pickled Ginger, Wood Ear, and Enoki

Mr. Wong’s Deep Fried Vanilla Ice Cream with Butterscotch Sauce  

Tee Scale Rating: 7.8/10 


To put it simply, Mimi’s has officially become a place among my top three favorite restaurants globally. From its enchanting ambiance and captivating color palette to its expansive viewing kitchen, every aspect exudes excellence. Stepping inside, I was greeted by a meticulously curated interior adorned with immaculate linens, elegant lamps, and vases, alongside neutral and natural furnishings. Our waitress, Mickey, proved to be both knowledgeable and accommodating while readily addressing any queries we had. The menu unfolds in a thoughtful sequence, commencing with the delightful Sourdough Bread accompanied by Sour Cream Butter, followed by recommendations to sample their specialties—caviar and oysters. Subsequent sections offer an array of snacks, ordered individually, leading to entrees ranging from small to shareable sizes, culminating with additional sides.The snacks emerged as the highlight of the meal, with the Toasted Cheese and Blue Fin Toro delivering an exquisite fusion of flavors and textures. The vegetables with sesame whip, served on ice, provided a refreshing accompaniment to the kingfish crudo, allowing for a diverse and satisfying tasting experience. However, the true standout was the Banana Soufflé, skillfully filled with Caramel Sauce at the table and paired with Creme Fraiche Sorbet—an unparalleled dessert that continues to linger in my dreams. Reservations are strongly advised, and arriving with a hearty appetite ensures a truly unforgettable dining journey at Mimi’s. Prepare to embark on a culinary odyssey that promises to delight the senses and leave a lasting impression, and don’t forget to try the Toasted Cheese and Banana Soufflé.

Recommended Dishes:   

Sourdough Bread with Sour Cream Butter 

Freshly Shucked Oysters with White Kampot Pepper Mignonette 

Zucchini Tartlet, Goats Curd, Lemon, Kombu, and Basil 

Toasted Cheese, Tomato Conserva, Anchovy 

Blue Fin Toro, Confit Tomato, Warm Crumpet 

Kingfish Crudo, Nectarine, Pickled Kohlrabi, Yuzu Kosho, and Sasame 

Iced Heritage Cucumbers, Radish, Peach, and Sesame Whip Dip 

Shoestring Chips with Tarragon Mayonnaise 

Banana Souffle, Creme Fraiche Sorbet, Caramel 

Strawberries and Cream 

Petit Fours 

Tee Scale Rating: 9.8/10