Domo Domo is a hidden gem in New York, perfect for a delightful evening out with friends. The food is refreshingly light yet full of flavor, making it the perfect meal before a night out. The standout for me was the Tuna Cone. Of course, you can't leave without trying their famous handrolls - each one is a perfect bite of fresh, delicious seafood. For those wanting to try more, Domo Domo offers a tasting course, which I've heard rave reviews about. It's always better to be safe than sorry, so I would recommend making reservations to secure your spot at this hotspot!

Recommended Dishes:   

Tuna Cone 

Pickled Cucumber 

Spicy Salmon Hand Rolls 

Spicy Yellowtail Hand Roll 

Avocado Cucumber Hand Roll 

Tee Scale Rating: 6.2/10 


As soon as you step foot inside this breakfast/brunch spot, you're hit with the smell of freshly baked bagels. And let me tell you, the bagels at this Major Food Group establishment are out of this world! With a charming modern deli vibe, this place is truly a feast for the senses. But let's get to the main event: the towers. The House Salmon Tower, complete with cucumbers, capers, tomatoes, dill, and a bagel of your choice, is almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. And the taste? Absolutely phenomenal. Make sure to book your reservation up to 30 days in advance, as weekend brunch spots fill up fast. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this experience.

Recommended Dishes:   

House Salmon 

Classic Egg Sandwich 

Eggs Benedict 

Bagel and Cream Cheese 

Tee Scale Rating: 7.9/10 


As soon as my friend and I walked into this bustling neighborhood gem, we could feel the warmth and comfort of the casual atmosphere. We had made a reservation ahead of time via email, which I highly recommend doing since this place is always packed. While the crowd did make the space feel a bit tight, it only added to the charm of the experience. The homemade Spaghetti Limone was a highlight of the meal, with a perfect balance of tangy and cheesy flavors. The Gnocchi del Giorno was also a hit, bursting with bold and rich flavors that had me scraping every last bit off my plate. One thing to keep in mind is that this spot only accepts cash, so make sure to come prepared. Overall, this cozy spot is a must-visit for any foodie looking for an authentic and delicious experience.

Recommended Dishes:   

Wood Roasted Garlic Bread 

Fresh Arugula Salad 

Spaghetti Limone 

Penne Pomodoro E Basilico 

Gnocchi del Giorno 

Pizza Bianca 

Homemade Tiramisu 

Valrhona Chocolate Cake 

Tee Scale Rating: 8/10 


Indulge your inner Gossip Girl socialite by making a reservation for brunch at the charming and chic Sant Ambroeus, or simply grab a quick, sophisticated bite to go. This iconic establishment is beloved by both locals and visitors for its opulent cuisine and impeccable service. Due to its immense popularity, reservations are highly recommended, particularly on the bustling weekends. Don't miss the sinfully decadent hot chocolate, the ultimate indulgence and the perfect antidote to chilly winter weather.

Recommended Dishes:   

Hot Chocolate

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 

Omelette Della Casa 

Sant Ambroeus Eggs Benedict 

Vegetable Frittata 

Tee Scale Rating: 7.9/10 


Indulge in the ultimate culinary experience at this highly acclaimed, Michelin-starred Korean Steakhouse. The moment you step inside, you'll be transported to a world of understated luxury, with sleek black marble tables featuring built-in hot plates for sizzling succulent meats. Impeccably trained servers will guide you through a meticulously crafted menu, offering expert recommendations and fascinating insights into each dish. Every aspect of the dining experience is carefully considered, from the elegant drink selections to the artful plating, ensuring that every flavor and texture is savored and appreciated. Even if steak isn't your thing, the chefs are more than happy to accommodate your palate and create a bespoke menu of other offerings. To secure your reservation, simply email or call ahead and prepare to indulge in an unforgettable culinary journey.

Recommended Dishes:   

Tuna Tartare 

Cote House Salad

Butcher’s Feast 

Dol-Sot Bibimbop

Tee Scale Rating: 7.4/10 


Brunch is the perfect way to start your day and cure a bad mood, and Cecconis Dumbo’s location gives you a chance to escape the bustle of New York City and enjoy a meal with great views of the Brooklyn bridge and skyline. Located directly across the water, you will not be disappointed with the chic vibes, especially when seated on the patio when it is not too cold at night. The service is attentive and normally great.

Recommended Dishes:   

Ricotta Hotcakes

Avocado Toast

Eggs Florentine 

Black Truffle, Squash Blossom, Goat Cheese Wood Oven Pizza

Zucchini Fritti 

Butter Lettuce Salads 

Tee Scale Rating: 6.9/10 



Indulge your sweet tooth at this beloved NYC bakery that has garnered a cult-like following across the city. Despite its expansion, the quality of their delectable treats remains unparalleled at every location. Savor their world-renowned Banana Pudding - a divine concoction of creamy vanilla pudding, sliced bananas, and Nilla wafers that will leave you swooning with delight. Their cakes and cupcakes are equally divine, with each bite delivering a burst of moist, fluffy goodness and luscious frosting that will leave you craving for more. To beat the crowds, I recommend placing an order ahead of time, although waiting in line can be part of the authentic experience. Keep in mind that certain locations and times can get very busy, so plan accordingly. Plus, don't forget to check out their shipping options - a perfect way to surprise your loved ones with a sweet treat!

Recommended Dishes:   

Banana Pudding 

Vanilla Chocolate Cake 

Confetti Cake 

Red Velvet Cake 

Tee Scale Rating: 7/10 


If you are looking for a trendy spot to catch up with friends over a healthy and colorful meal, Citizens of Soho is the place to go. It is a chic Australian eatery that never disappoints. From wholesome breakfast options to delicious drinks like their Lattes and Cold brews, this spot is the perfect post-workout pick-me-up. Just be prepared for the lively atmosphere, as it can get pretty loud in there. With an extensive menu that's sure to please any palate, you can't go wrong with dishes like the Apple Blueberry Crumble Porridge paired with their Matcha Latte or the mouth-watering Harissa Chicken Bowl for a brunch or lunch option. While you don't necessarily need reservations, it's best to plan ahead as this popular spot tends to get quite busy, especially during peak hours.

Recommended Dishes:   

Apple Blueberry Crumble Porridge 

Harissa Chicken Bowl 

Banana Bread French Toast 

Matcha Latte 

Tee Scale Rating: 5.5/10 


Located beneath the NoMo Hotel, Nomo Kitchen is an epicurean haven that should be on every foodie's radar, especially during lunch hour. The vibrant atmosphere attracts an eclectic crowd, from socialites to influencers, all seeking to indulge in the masterfully crafted small bites and artisanal libations. Whatever you do, don't miss out on the fries - thin, crispy, and piping hot, they are an irresistible treat that I have shamelessly ordered three servings of during a single lunch visit. The Bibb Salad is also a standout dish, featuring succulent chicken and velvety burrata, with the avocado adding a delectable flavor burst. Be warned, this dining destination can become frenzied and packed, resulting in lengthy wait times for your food. To avoid any delays, I highly recommend securing a reservation during off hours to ensure a seamless dining experience.

Recommended Dishes:   

Funghi Flatbread 

Triple-Spiced Chicken Sandwich 

Bibb Salad with Chicken 


French Fries 

Tee Scale Rating: 6.8/10 


In New York's bagel scene, tracking down a gluten and dairy-free option can be quite the quest, but luckily, Modern Bread and Bagel exists. This is the perfect bakery to go to if you are looking for a healthy alternative, or want to try something unique. As attested by my friend, the vegan super seed bagel here comes remarkably close to their gluten-rich counterparts, offering a delectable replacement if you cannot have the latter. Furthermore, their array of baked goods stands as an ideal choice for gifting or simply indulging in a spontaneous treat. Be forewarned, however, that the weekend lines can get very long, so I reccommend going earlier or at off hours of the day.  

Recommended Dishes:   

Vegan Super Seed and Vegan Tofu Cream Cheese 

Smoked Salmon on an everything bagel 

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dairy Free)

Cinnamon Bun 

Tee Scale Rating: 5.7/10 


If you are looking for a lovely greek restaurant with extremely delectable dishes, look no further than Lola's Taverna. Its enchanting brick exterior adorned with blossoms and an interior aglow with natural light through generous windows provides for the perfect escape into a culinary heaven. The menu, an enticing fusion of uniqueness and healthfulness, will tempt you to explore every option. Do not miss the Spanakopita Spring Rolls and the toasted Halloumi, as these are my personal favorites. Make sure to book your reservation in advance, as this is a beloved spot in Soho for all times of the day. 

Recommended Dishes:   



The Lola 

Jennifer Fisher Summer Salad 

Spanakopita Spring Rolls 

Toasted Halloumi

Charred Cauliflower 

Tee Scale Rating: 8/10 


If you are looking for a vegan medeteranian restaurant, Anixi is the perfect spot for you. Despite initial skepticism about the menu, I was pleasantly surprised. The 5-dip mezze, whipped ricotta, and fluffy layered herb bread made for a fantastic start. The Grilled Chick'n Shish Kabob was remarkably meat-like, almost indistinguishable from real chicken. I highly recommend indulging in the Date Cake and ice creams for dessert, providing a sweet conclusion to your meal. Anixi's culinary prowess will make you forget you're dining vegan. Reservations are reccomended. 

Recommended Dishes:   

All 5 Dip Mezze 


Fire Roased Eggplant 

Hummus Masabacha 

Whipped "Ricotta" 

Kabocha Squash 

Layered Herb Bread 

Rosemary Crisps 

Grilled Chick'n Shish Kabob

Grilled Fattoush 

"Beef" Dolmas 

Glazed Carrots and Turnips 

Confit Potatoes 

Medjool Date Cake 

Tahini, Pistachio, and Vanilla Ice cream 

Tee Scale Rating: 6.9/10 

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