If you are looking to dine in a beautiful and picturesque location look no further than the Veranda at Villa D’este. With a serene atmosphere and attentive staff, you will have a dining experience to remember. We were served very quickly and were given excellent recommendations on what to order. Since we were still jet lagged, we opted to each order a pasta and were pleasantly surprised by the different flavors offered by each bite. The scamorza cheese offered the most delicate milky bite to offset the tang of the roasted tomato sauce on the fusilli, while the lobster perfectly complemented the rest of the ingredients of the fettuccine. 

Recommended Dishes:  

Fusilli with roasted tomato, scamorza cheese, and pennyroyal eggplants

Fettuccine with lobster, asparagus, Armagnac salted mullet roe

Tee Scale Rating: 5.6/10 


My friend recommended this restaurant after I expressed to her that I was looking to take a break from pasta for the night. The takoyaki was extremely interesting, yet a dish I would recommend to try if you like octopus. It has a fried crust and a creamy inside, making it the perfect bite to start your meal. The Gunkan Creativo Hamachi is the perfect amount of crunch, yellowtail, and truffle wrapped into one delicate bite and left me wishing I had ordered more. I would recommend sampling different Gunkan from the large list they offer in order to satisfy your tastebuds and stomach. The chef recommended dessert of ravioli stuffed nutella bites with sorbet was the standout of the meal.

Recommended Dishes:   


Tori no Karage

Maguro Spicy

Gunkan Sake Quaglia

Gunkan Sake Ebi

Gunkan Creativo Hamachi

Gunkan Tuna Out

Ravioli Dessert Filled With Dark Chocolate and Sorbet Topped with Powdered Sugar

Tee Scale Rating: 5.8/10 


If you are in Cernobbio, this Michelin star establishment is a great place for a dinner. While they suggest going with one of their tasting menus, ranging from chefs suggestions to vegetarian options, you can also choose the A la carte option. The whipped butter is fluffy and simply incredible paired with their homemade extra crunchy bread sticks and fluffy bread. The presentation of the dishes are well thought out and offer interesting assortments of flavors. You will find that the ingredients here are sourced all throughout the world as well as from Lake Como itself in a sustainable manner. The service was lovely and efficient, make reservations in advance. 

Recommended Dishes:   

Linguine with butter agone fish garum, and amchoor

Split roast pigeon with chicory and anchovies (which is served as a two part course)

Tee Scale Rating: 4.7/10 


Located in Bellagio, Ristorante Suisse served as a perfect lunch spot after exploring the town and lake. The food comes out quickly, the atomosphere is always bustling with people, and the food is delectable! The truffle fettuccine is mixed in the parmesean wheel in front of you, which has your mouth watering before even trying it! No reservation necesary, but if you want to gaurentee a spot, reserve ahead of time.  

Reccomended Dishes: 

Burrata with Tomatoes

Margherita Pizza 

Truffle Fettuccine 

Tee Scale Rating: 5.1/10 


Classic pastry selection

Veranda at Villa D'este 

Personalized pastry designs

Komo Fushionable Taste 

Seasonal pastry delights

Ristorante Materia 

Ristorante Suisse 

Komo Fushionable Taste

Komo Fushionable Taste

Komo Fushionable Taste

Ristorante Materia 

Veranda at Villa D'este