Look no further for consistently moist and delicious chicken than Chez Coco, my favorite restaurant in Barcelona. The chic and comfortable decor both inside and on the terrace sets the mood for an unforgettable dining experience. The rotisserie chicken comes in a variety of flavors, including their classic, herb, and BBQ. The side dishes are simple yet exquisite, with the mashed potatoes being the best I have ever tasted at a restaurant. Chez Coco is the perfect spot for a family meal, a night out with friends, or a romantic date.

Recommended Dishes: 

Ensaladilla Rusa

Croquelets Clásico

Croquelets con Herbs 

Puré de Patatas

Patatas Fritas 

Puré de Boniato y Jengibre 

Baba with Rum for two

Tee Scale Rating: 7.3/10 


Nestled in a charming corner of the city, this eatery is the ultimate go-to for a quick breakfast, brunch, lunch or a casual meal with friends. With a menu boasting a diverse range of dishes, suitable for an array of dietary needs, one can rest assured they'll be spoiled for choice. The standout items on the menu, however, are their signature Açai Bowl with its irresistibly crisp granola and perfectly sweetened açai, and the indulgent Nachos that will have you licking your fingers. Although walk-ins are generally accepted, I highly recommend booking ahead during the bustling weekend hours to avoid disappointment.

Recommended Dishes: 

Grilled Nuts and Seed Bread

Classic Avocado Toast

Açai Bowl


‘Chicken’ Pad Thai 

Tee Scale Rating: 5.5/10 


I was absolutely delighted to discover Ikibana, a fusion restaurant that combines the flavors of Brazil and Japan. While there are multiple locations in Barcelona, each location has its own unique decor, adding to the experience of enjoying their delectable dishes. What really stood out to me were their Gunkan Unagi rolls, which had an unexpected yet delightful crunch, thanks to the addition of Gunkan. The gyozas were also a highlight of my visit, with their succulent and moist filling adding a burst of flavor to every bite. With such a diverse menu, I would recommend making reservations in advance to ensure you get a taste of everything Ikibana has to offer.

Recommended Dishes: 

Ebi Sunomono 

Gunkan Unagi

Sake Nigiri 

Aguacate Nigiri


Salmon Tartar

Budaloo makis


Tee Scale Rating: 6/10 


Indulge in the delightful ambiance and positive vibes of Brunch and Cake, a spot that lives up to its name by offering a marvelous brunch experience. Whether you arrive solo or with a large group of friends, you'll be impressed by the fresh and colorful dishes on the menu, each one a work of art. But don't skip the baked goods - the cakes are simply irresistible, with a wide range of flavors and eye-catching designs. With its sunny atmosphere and exquisite food, Brunch and Cake is the ideal destination for a leisurely brunch on a warm day.

Recommended Dishes: 

Tropical Smoothie

Grilled Banana Bread

Housemade Granola

The Brunch Pancake 

Avocado Toast 

Scrambled eggs

Tee Scale Rating: 4.3/10 

Wedding Pastry Services

Flax and Kale 

Corporate Event Treats

Ristorante Bivio 

Special Occasion Delights

Brunch and Cake 


Chez Coco